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The Echugwir (also called Oxmen), is a cultural and racial group located in the south central regions of the continent of Ezevria. Mainly inhabiting the large coal forests of the vanquished forest god, the Echugwir maintain an unstable tribalistic confederation with the Broi'rich of Arlek reigning over all the Donus'.

The Echugwir were created by the Black Gods after the fall of the forest god to commemorate their victory???.

Pond of Solok

The Pond of Solok is typical revered as the place where the first Oxman was created. Echugwir tradition states that Solok the Despondent created the first Echugwir pairing by taking the pond scum, mixing it with peat, and molding it around a tree stump.


Arlek is the largest settlement in the coal forests and the seat of the Broi'rich. It is situated on a piece of high ground that has been continuously built up over the centuries???.

The Donus' and Witches

Donus Vocorixii

Donus Cingesa

Donus Versignosii and Samoas

The Mad Witch Banna

The Mad Witch Banna is the keeper of the Big Bottle. The Big Bottle is a glass jar which contains the supposed pond scum and peat remains of the still born child of the first Echugwir pairing.

Donus Excingullusii

Donus Excingullusii currently rules over the Dryfoot Basin, an ethnographic region straddling the great trade routes between the Emerald and Alvish Empires. An enclave of Echugwir culture amid the steppe, the Dryfoot Oxmen are slightly taller, with smaller feet and more fur compared to their Wetfoot counterparts.

Witches of Cahore