Himiko (Miyako)

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A statue of Himiko
Monarch of Yamadoukoku
Reign860 BCE - 48 BCE
Coronation15 July 860 BCE
Born860 BCE
Died48 BCE
Believed to be Kashihara
HouseImperial House of Yamatai

Himiko (日巫女) was the semi-mythical priestess-monarch of the First Kingdom of Yamatai, which existed from around 1,000 BCE to 48 BCE, centred on the island of Akitsukuni. Considered by modern historians to have been a title, records from the First Kingdom claim that Himiko ruled from 860 BCE to its collapse, a period of over 600 years. An extremely important figure in Yamataian history, society and culture, the monarchy of Yamatai claim to be descended from Himiko, who in turn is believed to have been the mortal daughter of the sun-goddess Amaterasu, a major goddess of Kamimichi.

Subsequently, another individual claimed to be the reincarnation of Himiko. This Himiko would become the first Empress of what would be the modern Yamataian Empire.

Legendary narrative

In Yamataian mythology, the people of the Yashiman islands were directly ruled by the gods prior to the (cataclysm; volcanic? in 880 BCE). In order to continue imposing law and order over humanity, and to provide a path through which they could interact with the mortal world, Amaterasu gave birth to a mortal daughter, Himiko.

The final Himiko died when she was assassinated by one of her priestesses.

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