The Alphabets AKB

The Alphabets AKB is a psychological thriller written by Yamataian author Akiyama Ayumi. It is a prequel to Akiyama's previous work, The Number 48.

Set during the 2010 Masukan War, The Alphabets AKB follows the events surrounding a mysterious shipping container marked with the Arcadic alphabets 'AKB'. Captain Fujimoto Kaji's Imperial Army unit is tasked with recovering the container, which is apparently some type of weapon of mass destruction. However, it becomes increasingly unclear if the objective, and even the mission itself, is entirely a figment of Fujimoto's imagination. In this book, Akiyama looks into the effects of battlefield stress and the detachment inherent in increasingly destructive modern warfare, as well as her typical exploration of the mind's instinctive suppression of thoughts to maintain sanity.