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The Federation of Cairdeas
Cónaidhm Cairdeas
Largest Sráidbhaile Cnoc
National Languange Tháirkieli
Demonym Cairdean
Government Federal Union of States
 -  Chief Representative Aleksanteri Lascair
Legislature Council of Governors
 -  2016 estimate ~70,000,000
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total 2,319,264,500,000
 -  Per capita 33,132
Does not observe DST
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +32
Internet TLD .cc

Cairdeas, officially the Federation of Caideas, is a Ten state federation in Orda with an estimated population of seventy million. Each state is subsequently divided into geographically based regions. While no official national capital exists, Sráidbhaile Cnoc, home of the Hall of Governors, is often seen as the cultural and economic hub of Cairdeas as well as the de facto national capital. Cairdeas is boardered to the South by Valourium and Almerreich, and to the East by Vytachia

Throughout their history, the people of Cairdeas made use of the natural resources surrounding them. Industrialization brought use of the land to a new level. Despite the destructive nature of industrial equipment, sustainment of the land has been a key belief in the cultures of Cairdeas since ancient times and is still emphasized today. A mixed economy of industrial agriculture, natural resource collection, and manufacturing provide the means for cairdeas to maintain growth through positive trade.


Iron Age[edit]

5th Century[edit]

The early 400s saw an explosion of growth in several areas of society in Cairdeas including the spread of uniformed religious teachings as well as the beginnings of large scale civic organization and recorded history. large amounts of written works began Stone tablets of this era have been discovered in a variety of sizes and in varying conditions. Small stone runes engraved with incantations are commonly found in temples from this time. The transition from glyph based writing to an alphabet format seems to have taken place in the early half of the century around 410 or 420. Most settlements constructed in the early to mid century were structured around a large temple, Some rivaling the large isolated monasteries that were constructed near the end of the century; this practice would continue through the late 18th century.

6th Century[edit]

Construction of monasteries can be traced as far back as the late 400's but wide construction was not common until the early 500s. These monasteries would be bastions of thought that would contribute to the growth of philosophical thinking later in the century. The monasteries preserved the culture and naturalist values through the beginnings of catholic conversion in the early 600s.

Modern Era[edit]

Sota veljiä[edit]

Sota veljiä or the Cairdean War of Brothers was a civil war that raged from August of 1932 to February 1934; about 1,500 people died in the conflict. The end of the war saw an overhaul of the Cairdean government system and resulted in the Federation that exists today.

Economics in the Modern Era[edit]

The early 1900's saw a period of mechanization in the mining industry as well as agriculture, however do to the limited power of the federal government to raise capital, many areas were slow to adopt mechanization as funding to do so was unavailable. The Economic system was forever fundamentally changed as a result of the passage of the Acts of Cairdean Unification. These laws gave the federal government more control over the income and expenditure of the Federation.


Government Structure[edit]

The Government is divided into a federal legislature, The Council of Governors, and a Judiciary Composed of the High Court that subsequently heads a system composed of lower courts. In addition to the federal legislature each of the ten regions maintains their own legislature. The government also consists of several Concerns (see:Concerns of Cairdea) that provide various industry regulations and standards as well as provide the Council of Governors with information with which to make better decisions regarding the management of the Federation.

Current Government[edit]

Election 2018[edit]

The Election of 2018 Resulted in Aleksanteri Lascair being elected as the Chief Representative. In addition to this his Ihmiset party took a hard fought seat from Perinteen Ihmisiä. This is also the first election in which United Cairdeas has held a seat since 1954.

Political Affiliation Members of The Council of Governors Ideological Tenets
United Cairdeas
1 / 11
The Greens
2 / 11
Perinteen Ihmisiä
3 / 11
5 / 11
Social Liberalism