Chunmin Revolutionary People's Republic

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Chunmin Revolutionary People's Republic

CapitalTiandijing, Yutang
Largest city Dacheng, Yutang
Government Unitary Socialist State
 -  Chairman Cheng Guang
 -  Premier Wang Sheng
 -  Yutang Independence War 249 - 253 
 -  Cultural Restoration ~265 
 -  Great Leap Outwards ~289 
 -  Star Systems Inhabitable: 3
Total: 6,530~
 -  estimate 18.4 billion
Currency Union Peso P

"We will bring the revolution in the correct direction."

— Cheng Guang, Chairman of the Neo-Socialist Party of Yutang, 300

The Chunmin Revolutionary People's Republic, often referred to as the Chunmin Republic or informally as Yutang, is an interstellar state located in the eastern Human Sphere. It is bordered to the north by the Interstellar Union of Revolutionary States and to the west by Siquijor, the New Greater Empire, and the Frontier Treaty Organisation states. Considered a major power of the Sphere, it nonetheless does not yet rate as a hyperpower.

Originally a part of the Interstellar Union of Revolutionary States, the Chunmin Republic broke away from the Union due to ideological differences between the preceding Yutang People's Republic and the wider Union. Over time, an ultranationalist, neo-cultural ideology based loosely around Old Hua culture developed in the Yutang People's Republic, and the Chunmin (Pure People) Revolutionary People's Republic was proclaimed following a period of internal purges and ideological struggles. Core to the Chunmin ideology is the Struggle, which is considered to be constant and necessary to purify the Chunmin People. These struggles are equal parts reality, imagined, and self-inflicted.

The modern Chunmin Republic is gripped by rampant ultranationalism and a belief that the constant struggles of the Chunmin people have tempered them into the strongest, most ideologically pure and superior people within the Human Sphere. Though they are one of the smaller and less populated human states, they are considered very technologically advanced and economically successful, and trade with most of the powers of the Sphere.


Yutang People's Republic

War of Independence

Cultural Restoration

Modern era


The Chunmin Republic maintains sovereignty over two inhabitable star systems with three inhabitable bodies, as well as an area of space encompassing some 2,700 catalogued star systems. Featuring two inhabitable bodies, Yutang and Shentang, the Yutang System is one of the most unique in the Human Sphere.




Politics and government

The Chunmin Republic functions as a highly centralised one-party state, and is self-described in the Hongmen Constitution as "a neo-socialist state governed by a people's democratic dictatorship that is led by the working class, and based on an alliance of workers and peasants, working towards full self-determination". The Chunmin Republic is fully governed by the the Chunmin Worker's Party, which dominates all aspects of the government and society. The Chunmin Worker's Party has been variously described as communist, socialist, authoritarian, and corporatist, with heavy restrictions in many areas. These include restrictions against free access to the Exonet, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, free formation of social organisations, and freedom of religion.

According to the Hongmen Constitution, the Commission for Self-Determination acts as "the supreme national guidance organ of state sovereignty and self-determination of the Chunmin People". The Commission for Self-Determination de facto exercises total control over the government and the military in the name of self-determination, and is headed by the Chairman of the Commission for Self-Determination. Since the inception of the Chunmin Republic, this position has always been automatically held by the General Secretary of the Chunmin Worker's Party. This is currently Dr. Cheng Guang, who is also the Chairman of the Commission for the State Military, the organ which governs the Chunmin People's Army.

Executive power is vested in the State Council, which has been headed by the Premier of the Chunmin Republic. The Premier presides over four vice premiers and the heads of ministries and commissions. Legislative power is nominally held by the unicameral National People's Assembly, modeled after that of the Interstellar Union, and headed by the Chairman of the National People's Assembly, who also represents the state in relations with foreign countries. The People's Assembly passes laws, establishes domestic and foreign policies, appoints members of the cabinet, reviews and approves the state economic plan, among others. The People's Assembly itself cannot initiate any legislation independently of party or state organs.

Foreign relations

The Chunmin Republic maintains relations with most of the other Human Sphere states. It is considered on of the Human Sphere's major powers, though does not rank as a hyperpower.


A Jiangnan-class destroyer of the Chunmin People's Army Space Force in combat

The Chunmin Republic's military is known as the Chunmin People's Army, and is governed by the Commission for the State Military. The commander-in-chief of the Chunmin People's Army is the Chairman of the Commission for the State Military, a position concurrently held by the General-Secretary of the Chunmin Workers Party since the inception of the Chunmin Republic. The Chunmin People's Army consists of four main branches, the Chunmin People's Army Ground Force (CPAGF), the Chunmin People's Army Space Force (CPASF), the Chunmin People's Armed Police Force (CPAPF), and the Chunmin People's Army Strategic Intelligence Corps (SIC).

In terms of numbers, the Chunmin People's Army is one of the smallest in the Human Sphere, especially compared to its immediate neighbours, the Interstellar Union and the Empire. However, the Chunmin People's Army makes up for this by being highly technologically advanced, utilising various force multipliers and unconventional modern warfare methods to enhance their military forces. The Chunmin People's Army is one of the largest users of military drones and robotics in the Human Sphere, and have also invested heavily in electronic warfare, hacking, and exonet warfare. Despite having one of the smallest space forces in the Human Sphere, the Chunmin People's Army Space Force is capable of defending the Republic's territories through the use of cutting-edge long-range surface-to-space missiles and orbital railgun systems, which create a near-impenetrable defence system around the Chunmin Republic's planets and installations.


Infantry troopers of the Chunmin People's Army