Fukumura Shiokaze

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Fukumura Shiokaze
A pair of 2nd Generation Fukumura Shiokaze in Arakawa livery
Role Luxury aerospacecraft
National origin New Greater Empire
Manufacturer Fukumura Design and Solutions
Introduction 282
Status In service
Produced 282–present
Unit cost
円38 million

The Fukumura Shiokaze is a series of Imperial short-range, VTOL aeorspacecraft, primarily for private and business use. They are designed and produced by Fukumura Design and Solutions, a Kanagawa-based aerospace corporation that specialises in luxury applications. Considered one of Fukumura's flagship products, the Shiokaze series has attained widespread use across the Empire and the Human Sphere as a short-range VIP transport, or in-atmosphere VTOL craft.


The Shiokaze series of luxury aerospacecraft are designed for maximum comfort and safety for its occupants. The interior of the standard Shiokaze can comfortably hold up to ten standing passengers. The interior is extremely customisable by clients and can have between one to six seats in various configurations, as well as other available options that include drink dispensers, mini-refrigerators, entertainment systems, and more. All Shiokaze are equipped with Crystal Dome technology, with full semi-holographic projections of the exterior mimicking the presence of windows. A state of the art life support and environmental control system ensures that passengers can ride in utmost comfort, with the standard Imperial-regulation emergency life support systems should the life support systems fail. Every Shiokaze comes standard with emergency provisions for five days.

The powerplant is a compact Kakurega Renai Revolution 21 miniature fusion reactor, powering twin ion engines that feed through four ducted thrusters, providing unparalleled stability, even during reentry. The craft is designed to be as quiet as possible during in-atmosphere operations, and soundproofing further enhances the comfort of the passengers. Flight control is designed to be fully automated, with a helpful onboard 3rd-Degree AI to assist with travel functions and other amenities, though an emergency control console is located within the passenger cabin. The Shiokaze has no Ferran Drive and is not jump-capable, and is thus limited to in-system operations.


One of the most popular luxury aerospacecraft in the Empire and the Human Sphere, the Shiokaze is widely used by a massive variety of private and state operators. Various corporations use the Shiokaze as VIP transports and surface-to-space shuttles for personnel and visitors. Individuals and wealthy families also purchase the Shiokaze for their own personal use, and may use them for planetary and system touring, or to access their yachts parked in orbit.

The Imperial government is one of the largest users of the Shiokaze, which often finds use as a smaller and more cost-effective short-range transport than the much larger, jump-capable Kawazaki Ki-87 Egusa-class shuttle. The Imperial Navy also uses the Shiokaze as a short-range launch for ferrying VIPs. Notably, the Empress Herself is also sometimes ferried in a heavily modified Shiokaze, a source of great pride for Fukumura Design and Solutions.

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