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Hunggwok (Wui: 红国), officially the Republic of Hunggwok, is a sovereign island nation in eastern Escar, which shares sea borders with Yeongseon to the north and X to the south. Hunggwok has a population of 78,092,981, making it the Nth largest nation in Escar and Nth in Ordis. A unitary state, Hunggwok is divided into 27 prefectures and 3 prefectural municipalities. The capital city of Hunggwok is Jukgong, which with 8 million inhabitants is also the largest city in the country.

Hunggwok is a democratic presidential republic, the only nation of this sort in eastern Escar. The current president is Ma Yat Chau of the People's League, who has been in power since he was elected in 2013. Hunggwok is regarded as a highly democratic and free nation, with civil liberties such as freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and universal suffrage enshrined in the nation's constitution. Hunggwok is an important nation economically, with a highly developed economy that specialises in the manufacturing of electronics, light industry, finance and agriculture. Tourism is a key contributor to the Hunggwokan economy. The majority religion in Hunggwok is Sunni Islam, which was introduced to the archipelago by traders from INSERT in the tenth century.

First settled by Cathainese colonists in 7000 bc, Hunggwok has been divided for much of its history along geographical boundaries. While kingdoms did develop, they rarely stretched beyond the island they started on. This changed in the thirteenth century when the Muslim Hung Dynasty, armed with superior weapons imported from overseas, managed to unite the archipelago under their banner. The Hung, named after their red banner, survived until the early twentieth century before a famine inspired a mass peasant revolt. What started as an apolitical attempt to gain food was quickly radicalised by the People's League into a nationalistic and republican uprising which managed to topple the government. The Republic was founded and was initially isolated from its neighbours, however following the Endwar and the rise of communism Hunggwok has gained close ties with its neighbours. Hunggwok is a member of HECO and other alliances.