Ichioka Rail Corporation

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Ichioka Rail Corporation
IndustryTransport, engineering
HeadquartersNiihama,  Yamatai
Key people
Suzuhara Katsumi (Chairman)
Sugawara Seiji (President & CEO)
ServicesBus, ferry and rail services
RevenueIncrease 円1.297 billion (2016)
Operating income
Decrease 円139 million (2009)
Net income
Increase 円109 million (2016)
Number of employees
SubsidiariesIchioka Bus Company
Satsuma Bay Ferries

Ichioka Rail Corporation (一岡鉄道事業団) is a multi modal transport operator in Yamatai, primarily operating in the Greater Niihama Area and elsewhere on Hasukuni. Founded on 6 August 1927 by Ichioka Reiko, Ichioka Rail Corporation is one of the largest private transport companies in Yamatai and is presently jointly owned by the Yamataian government, the Niihama Metropolitan Government, and the Satsuma Provincial Government.

The company operates bus, ferry, and rail services in and around Niihama. Ichioka Rail runs nine of the thirteen train lines within the Greater Niihama Area, as well as the Satsuma Bay Ferry. Through its subsidiary the Ichioka Bus Company it also represents 45% of bus services in the Greater Niihama Area. It is also involved in leasing advertising and commercial spaces within the transport network it operates, as well as in engaging operations and maintenance services, project management and engineering consultancy in Yamatai and overseas. Ichioka Rail is headquartered in Ishikawa City.




Ichioka Rail also operates the Satsuma Bay Ferry, which travels between two wharfs in Ishikawa, Kanmonjima, Kanazawa, Miyazaki, Satsuma, and Shirada.

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