Kawazaki Ki-87 Egusa-class shuttle

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Kawazaki Egusa-class shuttle
An Egusa-class shuttle
Role Utility shuttle
National origin New Greater Empire
Manufacturer Kawazaki
Introduction 287
Status In service
Produced 287–present
Unit cost
円170 million

The Kawazaki Egusa-class shuttle, officially designated the Kawazaki Egusa-class Ki-87 Utility Aerospace Transport, is an Imperial multipurpose utility aerospacecraft manufactured by Kawazaki. It is also known colloquially as the Imperial Shuttle. The Egusa-class is widely used by the Imperial government as well as the Imperial military, for mid-range VIP transport as well as light cargo and troop transportation.


Measuring 20 metres in length, the Egusa-class is capable of carrying 20 personnel and a crew of 2 to 6, as well as cargo. Equipped with a short-ranged Ferran Drive, the Egusa-class is capable of in-system and in-sector FTL jumps, but lacks the range for jumps between sectors. Egusa-class shuttles are often carried between sectors by larger vessels.

The iconic tri-wing design of the Egusa-class provides stability in flight, with the craft also capable of full ducted-VTOL operations, which it uses to land. The wings fold upwards during landing procedures, reducing the vessel's silhouette.

Most militarised Egusa-class shuttles are surprisingly well-armed, with two forward-facing twin autocannons, two forward-facing wing-mounted twin autocannons, and a retractable rear-mounted autocannon.


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