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The Senate and the Holy Kingdom of Khornera
Motto: The Dominus Provides, the Dominus Protects
Anthem: March of the Dominus
The Senate and Holy Kingdom of Khornera (green) and the Dominate Crownlands (light green) in Orda (grey).
Official languages Khorneran, Fleurentine
Demonym Khorneran
Government Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Dominus Amadeus VII
 -  Imperial Vicar
 -  Minister-President
Legislature Senate
HDI 0.927
very high
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .kk

The Senate and the Holy Kingdom of Khornera, commonly called Khornera, is a theocratic monarchy in central Orda. It is the largest of the Dominate Crownlands under the sovereignty of the Dominus. Although its territory has waxed and waned over the centuries, it is one of the oldest states in Orda, being established after the collapse of the Dominate as a unitary empire.


Prehistoric history[edit]

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Middle Ages[edit]

Modern era[edit]




Khornera is a semi-constitutional unitary monarchy, in which the Dominus wields extensive political authority. According to the current constitution of Khornera, supreme authority resides in the Dominus in his capacity as King of Khornera. Furthermore, the constitution, as well as older laws, explicitly state that the title of King of Khornera is perpetually tied to the office of Dominus, and the two cannot diverge. The Dominus can appoint or dismiss any minister at his own discretion, as well as disband the Senate and appoint new Senators. In practice however, it is uncommon, though far from unknown, for the Dominus to practice these prerogatives. A senior official, known as the Imperial Vicar, handles most of the affairs of the Dominus within the boundaries of the Holy Kingdom.

The titular Senate is an ancient assembly of 400 consisting of 'exemplary patrician members of society'. The requirements for membership are enshrined in the constitution, and state that any Senator must be a citizen of at least 25 years of age, be a practising member of INSERTLOCALFAITH, and own property. Yet in practice, all members of the Senate are appointed by imperial decree, typically for a set period of time. Senators enjoy a generous stipend as well as certain legal privileges, including immunity from prosecution, unless otherwise revoked by the Dominus. Membership consists primarily of the aristocracy, established patrician families, and clergy.

The Senate proposes legislation and takes an active role in the day-to-day minutiae of running the country, although ultimately all its laws must be approved by the Dominus, whom also reserves the right to pass any law by Imperial decree.

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