Kokubō Sōshō Complex

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The Kokubō Sōshō Complex.

The Kokubō Sōshō Complex (国防総省集合, Kokubō Sōshō shūgō) is the headquarters of the General Department of National Defence, the joint command of the Yamataian Armed Forces. It is located at 3-11-1 Ariake, Heian, along the shore of Heian Bay. As a symbol of the Yamataian military high command, the name Kokubō Sōshō is often used as a metonym for the overall executive leadership of the military.

The building was designed by Oda Sakura and built by eight contractors, contracted by the Yamataian Ministry of Defence. Construction began in October 1992 and was finished in October 1995. Deep beneath the building are nuclear-hardened command bunkers and powerful communications equipment to ensure Yamatai's military leadership can remain operative in the event of a catastrophic attack on the facility. It is also rumoured that surface-to-air missiles are mounted on the top of the central tower. There are two helipads on the roof of the central tower, and the front lawn is also a designated helicopter landing site. The front lawn is often used for reception parades for visiting dignitaries and military guests. The building is guarded by Yamatai Imperial Army military police as well as civilian police and security contractors.

Though the high command staff of the Yamataian military are centralised in the Kokubō Sōshō Complex, each service branch still maintains and operates their own individual headquarters throughout the nation. The aim of centralising the high command staff of the Yamataian military was to reduce inter-service rivalry, improve synergy throughout the entire armed forces and increase governmental oversight following the 1991 coup attempt. In 2012, the Kokubō Sōshō Complex was one of five Heian buildings targetted in the 2012 Yamataian Peace Bombings following Yamatai's entry into the Todak War.

Concerns over the Kokubō Sōshō Complex's presence in Ariake potentially endangering the neighbourhood resulted in an ineffectual lawsuit against the Ministry of Defence filed by a citizen's group in 2002, which was settled outside of court.

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