Seventh Internationale

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Seventh Internationale
insert Nerotysian name
Thứ Bảy Quốc Tế
Séptimo internacional
Founder Mykhaylo Kyzyma
First Secretary Rudolf Kurchler
Chairperson Filip Ljunquist
Slogan Workers of the world, unite!
Founded 17 November, 1978
Preceded by Third International
Fifth Internationale
Headquarters Shynka, Nerotysia
Newspaper Communists, Forward!
Membership  (2015) 23 parties
Ideology Communism
Marxian Economics
Official colours Red & Yellow

The Seventh Internationale (most commonly known as "Orcom") is an international popular front composed of many ruling and non-ruling communist parties around Ordis. Orcom was founded after a merger of the Third and Fifth Internationale, and was designed to coordinate the actions of its member parties to advance communism globally.

The League's primary institutions are the World Congress and the Council of Deputies. The World Congress meets every three years and drafts policy for the League and it's members. The Council of Deputies contains all of the League's administrative agencies, and carries out the wishes of the World Congress. Seats in the World Congress are assigned proportionally to the member parties, and the Deputies of the Council are elected by the Congress. The Congress rotates host cities, however the Council of Deputies is headquartered in Shynka, Nerotysia.

The combined population of Orcom member states is 381 million, and the combined GDP (nominal) is $12.8 trillion USD. The average Gini score is strikingly high and continues to rise despite some cases of extreme inequality. Orcom plays a highly prominent role in Ordic geopolitics, and commands a critical amount of influence in the Ordic League.