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2Shi.png 3N.png 2Ki.png   2Chi.png 2Yu.png 13u.png 5Mo.png 3N.png
Shinki Chūmon

New Axis
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Empire United Over All
and largest city
Tategawa City
Official languages Evolved Yashiman
Religion Imperial Cult
Government Autocratic Stratocracy
 -  Supreme Commander Arasaka Hanako
 -  Daitetsu Axis 179 
 -  Axis Affairs 198 
 -  New Axis 224 
 -  Location Daitetsu
 -  estimate 2.4 billion
Currency Unified Imperial En

The New Axis (2Shi.png 3N.png 2Ki.png   2Chi.png 2Yu.png 13u.png 5Mo.png 3N.png; Shinki Chūmon) is an independent state located on the planet Daitetsu. Officially, the state is still known as the Greater Empire, though this term is rarely used even in an official capacity. The New Axis is also sometimes known as the Second Empire. The territory of the New Axis covers the continent of Donosako, part of the continent of Tenjinkoba and several colonies and outposts across the Daitetsu system.

Originally one of the major Imperial Remnant factions following the collapse of the Greater Empire, the New Axis was popularly known as the Daitetsu Axis during the Honourable Resistance Era. One of the largest and the most controversial of the Remnant factions, the Daitetsu Axis collapsed following the Axis Affairs. This was a series of blunders that resulted in the majority of the Daitetsu Axis being wiped out or defecting to the Imperial Remnants' Central Faction, which would later reunify and establish the New Greater Empire. The few remaining loyalists to the Axis regime fortified areas on Daitetsu's surface and refused to rejoin the New Greater Empire, though the Axis regime would be eventually overthrown and replaced with the New Axis regime.

Over time, relations between the Empire and the New Axis have thawed. The New Axis is renowned throughout the Human Sphere and beyond for its powerful bioengineering industry, and is one of the last places in the Human Sphere where human cloning is still legal. The New Axis is also the sole source of restorative pharmaceuticals based on the extract from a species of lichen which only grows on Daitetsu, and the controversial state uses these as powerful chips to maintain its independence and rake in large amounts of money in Neo-Confrontational Age despite owning just over half of a planet. Loose corporate laws and high corruption have also caused the New Axis to become something of a tax haven for megacorporations across the Human Sphere.


Formation and development

The New Axis's roots stemmed from the Empire-Federation War, when the Federation of Southern States invaded the Greater Empire. Following the disastrous Battle of Eienkei, and the loss of the Empress and much of the top Imperial leadership in the Destruction of Awara City, the Imperial military began a general and chaotic retreat out of the Imperial Core region. The destruction of the military's rigid command structure led to major confusion throughout the ranks, allowing the Federation to make major gains in the months following the Battle of Eienkei.

Grand Admiral Mukaichi Yasushi, who had been defending against the Federation's thrust towards the Frontier Region, was the last remaining Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy at the time. Using his authority as the ranking officer in the Imperial Navy, Mukaichi began amassing forces over Daitetsu, intending to launch a massive counterattack against the Federation. However, this resulted in valuable forces being withdrawn from other fronts to prepare for Mukaichi's counterattack, allowing the Federation to gain more ground in the Frontier and the Outer Core regions. Subsequently, the disastrous Battle of Kandani resulted in a decisive Imperial defeat, and the Imperial Remnant forces withdrew to the Southern and Expansion Regions.

A clear rift formed between Mukaichi's remnant and the next-largest faction based on Onogoro, which came to be known as the Central Faction. The Army-dominated Central Faction had the benefit of a proper successor government that included the last remaining heir to the throne, Crown Prince Yoshihide, while Mukaichi's faction had control of the majority of the remaining Imperial Navy. With fighting across the Southern Sphere dying down to mere skirmishes between Remnant and Federation forces, Mukaichi established a military junta to bypass the Central Faction's meddling and directly govern Daitetsu. A mass re-armament and rebuilding program was begun, cementing the Daitetsu Axis as the dominant Imperial Remnant. Mukaichi began the Project 200 Fleet Plan, a massive construction undertaking in Daitetsu's orbital shipyards to produce a fleet of 200 warships.

However, following Mukaichi's untimely death in 182, a power struggle broke out in the upper ranks of the Daitetsu Axis. Ultimately, the populist technologist Kughiara Hiroshi, a majority shareholder of the Jinteki Corporation, took over as Supreme Commander of the Daitetsu Axis. Under Kugihara's leadership, the Daitetsu Axis began drifting further away from the Central Faction, becoming akin to a second Empire. A new cadre of Imperial Royal Guards was established under Yoriki Kaida Ren, a Royal Guard who had survived the Battle of Awara. These Royal Guards became more of a secret police and state security force, eventually growing to a massive size rivaling the Daitetsu Axis' own Imperial Army forces.

Inexperienced at national leadership and unfocused, Kugihara embarked the Daitetsu Axis on various questionable schemes, controlling his rivals using the threat of his close ally Kaida Ren and the Royal Guards. One of these schemes was a major search for supposed vaults of wealth hidden across the Human Sphere by the Yashiman Cultural Lobby, and a manhunt across the entire Human Sphere for Shimada Tomio, a former Imperial Ministry of Finance official who apparently knew the location of the aforementioned vaults. By far the most ambitious plan developed by Kugihara, however, was the idea to develop a "Star Killer", some kind of superweapon which would be able to obliterate entire planets. In 194, facing mounting opposition from his own military leaders, Kugihara handpicked the young Mukaichi Hiroshi, Mukaichi Yasushi's son, to lead the Daitetsu Axis' military.

Axis Affairs

Large amounts of resources were put into the Star Killer project, disrupting the ongoing Project 200 Fleet Plan and earning Kugihara the ire of many of the veteran senior officers who increasingly chafed under his and Mukaichi Hiroshi's poor leadership. At Mukaichi Hiroshi's suggestion, Kugihara approved a plan to invade the Frontier Region, sparking a period known as the Axis Affairs. The Frontier areas had been liberated by the Federation and were officially a part of the Federation, but were poorly protected and underdeveloped. Despite orders from the Central Faction to avoid a confrontation with the Federation, the Daitetsu Axis carried out a general invasion of the Frontier Region. Easily attaining victories due to the light Federation Starfleet presence in the area, the Daitetsu Axis quickly reclaimed large regions for the Empire. The Frontier colonies formed the Frontier Treaty Organisation, which shortly declared independence from the Federation to take matters of their defence into their own hands.

At this time, most of the other Imperial Remnant factions had been united under the leadership of the new Imperial Grand Marshal, Kitagawa Aki, who had begun a quiet rearmament program across Imperial Remnant space. Concerned that this aggression would lead to a general Federation counterattack against all of the Imperial remnants, the Central Faction ordered the Daitetsu Axis to cease operations, but was ignored again. In early 198, a desperate attack by the Frontier Treaty Organisation's Combined Militia managed to assassinate Kugihara. Kaida Ren proclaimed himself the new Supreme Commander, backed by the muscle of his Royal Guard, though was an even poorer leader than Kugihara.

Various leaders within the Axis began attempting to defect from the Axis to the Central Faction, and began planning an uprising against Kaida's leadership. Admiral Nagumo Masahiro soon took over command of the military, sidelining Mukaichi Hiroshi, who promptly betrayed the Daitetsu Axis and became a spy for the Frontier Treaty Organisation. Attempting to regain control of the Axis, Kaida's Royal Guard suddenly 'discovered' a second heir to the Imperial Throne, and Emperor Kunio was enthroned in mid 199. Crown Prince Yoshihide had not yet been enthroned because he refused to take the throne until the Empire was reunified, and the enthronement of Kunio offended most loyal Imperials, as it was considered an affront to the Imperial throne at best, and an outright declaration of secession at worst.

"Somehow my uncle's returned."

The enthronement of Kunio divided the Axis completely, with a huge segment of the regime immediately declaring their support for the Central Faction and deserting the Axis. A civil war began within the Axis, as Kaida's supporters and the Royal Guard fought to persecute these deserters, drawing in the wider Imperial Remnant. Grand Marshal Kitagawa threatened Kaida's regime with an official recognition of their independence from the Empire, implying that she would launch an attack to reclaim Daitetsu if Kaida did not cease his actions. With the Axis in chaos and various Axis units defecting to the Central Faction and moving out of Axis space, the Frontier Treaty Organisation's Combined Militia was able to rapidly retake their territories, culminating in a massive strike against Daitetsu that resulted in the deaths of both Kaida and Kunio. The Daitetsu shipyards and many of the vessels still under construction for the Project 200 Fleet Plan were also destroyed, forming the modern-day Steel Ring of Daitetsu. However, the Combined Militia was forced to retreat due to sheer attrition against the Axis' Imperial Navy forces.

With the fall of Kaida and the Axis's forces now in complete disarray, Admiral Nagumo began making plans to consolidate his remaining forces and declare loyalty to the Central Faction, with Grand Marshal Kitagawa promising that Crown Prince Yoshihide would pardon Nagumo and his allies for the actions of the Axis. However, the conflict within the Axis had not abated with Kaida's death, and the remaining Royal Guard and Kaida's many followers launched an uprising against Nagumo's leadership, seizing part of Daitetsu and setting up a new state under the command of the Supreme Commander Oyama Kameyo, granddaughter of the Emperor Kunio. Intending to preserve Nagumo's remaining forces for the coming War of Imperial Reunification, Grand Marshal Kitagawa ordered Nagumo to fortify the Imperial part of Daitetsu and leave the Axis be, implicitly granting the Axis independence with the threat of a full Imperial intervention should they get out of line.

Post-Reunification War


Axis Daitetsu

Tategawa City

The capital of the New Axis is Tategawa City, a sprawling mega-city that covers much of the western coast of the continent of Donosako. Voted the worst place to live in the Human Sphere in 301, barely beating out Zverograd in a heavily biased Exonet poll, Tategawa City is a city of contradictions. The upper city where the government and corporate districts are located is almost akin to a too-clean police state, with heavily-armed Axis Imperial Army and military police forces patrolling the streets, cameras everywhere, and rampant propaganda. The lower city and the eastern inland areas feature large slums and industrial zones ridden with crime, gangs, and corruption. It is in the middle city, between it all, where everything crashes together in a bizarre phenomenon that can only be seen in Tategawa City. This middle city is often referred to colloquially as Night City.

The business district is home to regional headquarters of over a dozen of the top megacorporations in the Human Sphere, many openly taking advantage of the ease of doing business in the New Axis, the loose labour laws, and the high corruption. Tategawa Spaceport is the New Axis' main gateway to space, and is located to the north-east of the city at the head of the salt flats. To the east of the city are vast salt flats that are used for racing.


Government and politics

The New Axis is an autocracy led by the Supreme Commander of the New Axis, who is a dictator at the head of the executive New Axis High Command. The New Axis High Command is comprised of a group of corporate oligarchs and military leaders that represent the main driving forces behind the New Axis, and they elect the Supreme Commander from amongst their numbers. There are no term limits for the position of Supreme Commander, and Arasaka Hanako has held the position for the last 18 years.

Often described by observers as being under permanent martial law, the New Axis is highly repressive. Regional governors maintain direct control over their allocated areas and are appointed by the High Command, with no democratic process in place.


Infantry troops of the Axis Imperial Army

The military branch of the New Axis is still known as the Imperial Military, but is often identified as the Axis Imperial Military to differentiate it from that of the New Greater Empire. Though on a much smaller scale, the Axis Imperial Military is organised almost identically to the Imperial Military, and still retains much of the same traditions and strategic outlook. The commander in chief of the Axis Imperial Military is the Supreme Commander of the New Axis, and the main branches are the Axis Imperial Army and the Axis Imperial Navy.

With around 40 warships and support craft, the Axis Imperial Navy is amongst the smallest national space forces in the Human Sphere, and is mainly adequate only for defending Axis space and their spaceborne holdings. In recent years, the increasingly friendly relations between the Empire and the Axis have led both Imperial Navies to occasionally carry out exercises and patrols together, particularly against pirates within the Daitetsu System and operating from the Frontier Regions.

The Axis Imperial Army stands at roughly 3.5 million strong, and is known to be poorly equipped by modern standards. However, the Army is still a potent force capable of defending the New Axis's territories on Daitetsu.