New Citizens Party

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New Citizens Party
新公民党 Shinkōmintō
ꡛꡞꡋ ꡏ ꡅꡞ ꡀꡟꡘ ꡈꡡ Sin Macikur To
LeaderNishioka Kyouka
ChairpersonMaekawa Osamu
Founded4th July, 2018
IdeologyProgressive Hatsumeism, social liberalism. left populism, centrism

The New Citizens Party (新公民党 Shinkōmintō, ꡛꡞꡋ ꡏ ꡅꡞ ꡀꡟꡘ ꡈꡡ Sin Macikur To) is a political party in Chisei. Variably described as left populist, centrist and Progressive Nationalist, the party was founded in 2018 by current leader Nishioka Kyouka, after a series of mass resignations from the Royalist Party of Chisei following a controversial electoral alliance with the far-right Golden Banner Party. The party achieved a surprise victory in the 2019 general election, taking 136 seats and forming a coalition government with the left-wing Social Front and the regionalist Northern Welfare Party.

Ideologically, the NCP identifies itself as "Progressive Hatsumeaist", after the beliefs of Royalist Party founder Hatsume Amami. It is more socially liberal than the mainstream of the old Royalist Party and advocates a progressive economic policy, with a greater emphasis on regulation, labor rights and state infrastructure investment. In particular, as Prime Minister, the Nishioka government has promoted a number of new environmentalist policies. On foreign policy, the party has been openly critical of Chiseian and HECO military activities in West Kuiju and Masuka, though as the Chancellorship remains under Federalist control, its impact has thus far been minimal.