Noxion of Alvos

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Great Noxion of Alvos
Erenze IX portrait.jpg
Official portrait of Erenze IX, 915 NM
Noxion Erenze IX
since 915 NM
StyleHis Celestial
Heir apparentNosileus Alphios Erenze
First monarchNoxina Altaia I
Formation7712 OM
ResidencePalace at Arkaia, the Old City, Alvos

The Great Noxion of Alvos is the individual sovereign of the Alvic Intersolar Imperium. The Noxion possesses supreme authority over the imperial bureaucracy, appoints the leaders of each court council, and is also the supreme commander of the Alvic Starfleet and the other armed forces of the Imperium. The Noxion also shares lawmaking power with the College of Guardians, possessing the ability to issue special decrees in certain circumstances and with regards to certain matters. Meanwhile, the Noxion exercises his executive power through instruments known as Instructions, which interpret pre-existing law.

The Noxion cannot be removed from his position, except by a unanimous vote of the College of Guardians. Should the Noxion be removed from power this way, a new ruler must be elected by the College, usually another technocrat from the College. As another aspect of centralization, the Noxion is also empowered to appoint his own successor, called the Nosileus (“Prince of the Stars”), and he is free to ignore the traditional primogenitary line of succession.

The current Noxion is Erenze IX, who ascended to the throne following the abdication of his older sister, Noxina Delphira I, in 915 NM. His appointed successor is his eldest son, Nosileus Alphios. He and his family descend from the Nykalian line of the Kaerid family.

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List of Noxii

Reign Clan Name and Byname Achievements Notes
Golden Age of Alvos (7712 OM – 444 NM)
1 7712 – 7835 OM
(123 years)
Azalygos Altaia I, the Great Altaia I spearheaded the reformation of the old Alvic League, marshaling the College of Guardians to proclaim a powerful global Imperium with a capable executive organ headed by the Proteus, or First-King. Altaia also greatly enriched her previously-obscure and poor Clan, the Azalygoi, which quickly came to dominate the new world government. n/a
2 7835 – 7931 OM
(96 years)
Azalygos Altaia II, the Just Altaia II brokered several peace treaties during her reign, avoiding several costly civil wars and keeping the Old Moon's various kingdoms and families in line. She also crushed several rebellions against the imperial world government, led mostly by independent-minded kings. Eldest child and daughter of Altaia I
3 7931 OM – 129 NM
(143 years)
Azalygos Alphios I, the Great Alphios I succeeded to the throne as a teenager, and before he reached his second decade, he was faced with the Cataclysm. He is remembered fondly for quickly organizing the construction and launch of the generation fleet, and then overseeing the reconstruction of Alvic society on their new homeworld. Seventh child and fourth son of Altaia II
4 129 – 136 NM
(7 years)
Azalygos Alphios II, the Gentle n/a Eldest child and son of Alphios I
5 136 – 172 NM
(34 years)
Azalygos Tassarion I, the Wise Tassarion I is remembered for sponsoring the first colonization efforts of the new imperial state, and for strengthening the Imperial Starfleet to protect the new possessions. He also ensured that the two colonies established under his realm, Ludala and Solaris, were dominated by his clan, the Azalygoi. Fifth child and third son of Alphios I, younger brother of Alphios II
6 172 – 189 NM
(17 years)
Azalygos Erenze I, the Strong Erenze I helped design and construct the Imperium's first star destroyer. Ninth child and fifth son of Alphios I, younger brother of Tassarion I
7 189 – 190 NM
(1 year)
Azalygos Rekula I, the Weak Rekula I was very old and sickly when she succeeded the throne, and died after just over a year of power. Tenth child and ninth daughter of Alphios I, younger sister of Erenze I
8 190 – 194 NM
(4 years)
Azalygos Iri'vara I, the Wise Ascending to the throne as an elder, Iri'vara I attempted to publish a great legal codex before her death, but did not succeed. Eldest child and daughter of Rekula I
9 194 – 312 NM
(118 years)
Azalygos Iri'vara II, the Great Iri'vara II heavily revised and expanded her mother's unfinished legal codex, greatly expanding the power of her own office, and enabling the Nox to appoint his own successors, thereby removing the need for the Azalygoi to lavish bribes on the College of Guardians prior to every succession. Eldest child and daughter of Iri'vara I
10 312 – 382 NM
(70 years)
Azalygos Alphios III, the Just Alphios III allowed rival clans to independently colonize new planets, thus decreasing the monopoly of his own family but speeding the expansion of the Imperium. Eldest child and son of Iri'vara II
11 382 – 387 NM
(5 years)
Azalygos Alphios IV, the Honorable n/a Eldest child and son of Alphios III
12 387 – 444 NM
(57 years)
Balnala Le'rala I, the Great Le'rala I orchestrated the First Balnala Usurpation, seizing the throne from Alphios IV through a combination of bribes and military force. Alphios and all of his children were arrested and exiled to a desolate moon. She went on to create the first professional Alvic marine force, relying heavily on her native Therian soldiers. Usurper
Year of Twelve Kings (444 NM)
13 444 – 444 NM
(12 days)
Herros Alphios V, the Young After the death of Le'rala I, the College of Guardians stripped her successors of their rights and imprisoned them. Alphios V, who had organized the political coup, took the throne, but he was quickly assassinated by agents of the Azalygoi. Usurper
14 444 – 444 NM
(35 days)
Herros Iri'vara III, the Terrible Iri'vara III manipulated several key figures in the College of Guardians to secure her throne, and then quickly moved to expand the Nox's personal Whitefur Guard. She then deployed the Guard to terrorize her political opponents, and quell popular unrest. Her brutal tactics eventually led to her assassination by a disgruntled artist. Younger sister of Alphios V
15 444 – 444 NM
(2 days)
Herros Iri'vara IV, the Meek Iri'vara IV was only seven years old when she succeeded her mother. She was persuaded to abdicate roughly 2 days into her reign by her regent, who feared for her safety. Eldest child and daughter of Iri'vara III
16 444 – 444 NM
(3 days)
Herros Tassarion II, the Clean Tassarion II succeeded to the throne at the age of six, and refused to take the advice of his regent and abdicate. He was dethroned and imprisoned by the College of Guardians three days into his reign. Second child and eldest son of Iri'vara III
17 444 – 444 NM
(14 days)
Dadanos Perseos I, the Dull Perseos I manipulated the College to imprison Tassarion II and later seized the throne, but proved to be an incompetent ruler and abdicated after a riot nearly destroyed the Palace at Arkaia. Usurper
18 444 – 444 NM
(9 hours)
Dadanos Perseos II, the Pitiable Perseos II succeeded his father at the age of seven, holding his coronation even as the College of Guardians passed a motion commanding that he be arrested. Eldest child and son of Perseos I
19 444 – 444 NM
(62 days)
Eryvion Zaos I, the Cruel Upon taking the throne, Zaos I executed every one of his living predecessors and also massacred nearly one-third of the College of Guardians in an incident known as the Night of Screams. Due to his brutality, he was able to hold onto the throne for much longer than most of the other Noxi during the Year of Twelve Kings, but he was eventually stabbed over one-thousand times by an angry mob which had stormed Arkaia. Usurper
20 444 – 444 NM
(21 hours)
Eryvion Zaos II, the Innocent Zaos II was thirteen when his father assumed the throne, and escaped Arkaia before the mob broke into his apartment. He spend his entire 21-hour reign hiding in the Old City. He was eventually found and murdered by rioters, but not before appointing his uncle as his successor. Eldest child and son of Zaos I
21 444 – 444 NM
(23 days)
Eryvion Pholoris I, the Vicious Pholoris I secured his throne by promising the College of Guardians that he would end the chaos. However, he immediately resorted to his brother's tactics, sending the Whitefur Guard into the streets of the Old City and murdering several political opponents. He was assassinated in his sleep. Eldest uncle of Zaos II, older brother of Zaos I
22 444 – 444 NM
(4 days)
Eryvion Pholoris II, the Small Pholoris II was twenty-one when he succeeded his father, and nearly secured the approval of the College. He was dethroned and arrested. Eldest child and son of Pholoris I
Azalygoi Restoration (444 – 816 NM)
23 444 – 592 NM
(148 years)
Azalygos Erenze II, the Great Erenze II spent lavishly to secure the College of Guardians, removed the Eryvioi from power, seized the throne, and ended the yearlong political crisis by marshaling massive public support for a return to law and order, represented by the traditional rulers, the Azalygos. He also formalized some succession laws and sponsored a buildup of both the Imperial Starfleet and the Azalygoi private fleet. Usurper
24 592 – 683 NM
(91 years)
Azalygos Erenze III, the Kind Erenze III greatly expanded the imperial bureaucracy and centralized the imperial state further. He also loosened restrictions on colonization to spur further expansion. By the end of his reign, all of the Seven Sisters, the core systems of Alvos, had been colonized. Second child and eldest son of Erenze II
25 683 – 721 NM
(38 years)
Azalygos Iri'vara III, the Strong Iri'vara III sponsored a buildup of the Imperial Starfleet. Third child and eldest daughter of Erenze III
26 721 – 786 NM
(65 years)
Azalygos Iri'vara IV, the Wise Iri'vara IV greatly expanded her ancestor Iri'vara II's legal Complex, further centralizing power in the Nox by claiming larger lawmaking powers. Eldest child and daughter of Iri'vara III
27 786 – 792 NM
(6 years)
Azalygos Alphios VI, the Humble n/a Eldest child and son of Iri'vara IV
28 792 – 799 NM
(7 years)
Azalygos Tassarion III, the Glutton n/a Second child and son of Iri'vara IV, younger brother of Alphios VI
29 799 – 801 NM
(2 years)
Azalygos Erenze IV, the Unlucky Erenze IV was very old and feeble upon assuming the throne, and did not foresee a usurpation. Third child and son of Iri'vara IV, younger brother of Tassarion III
30 801 – 816 NM
(15 years)
Balnala Le'rala II, the Strong Le'rala II spearheaded the Second Balnala Usurpation, arresting and executing Erenze IV and establishing the control of Clan Balnala without any approval from the College of Guardians. Most of her reign was spent in deadlock with the College. After finally losing the throne to the newly-disloyal Whitefur Guard, she escaped imprisonment and fled to the Therian homeworld of Pipira, declaring independence as the "Therian Intersolar Imperium." Usurper
Fifty Years' War (816 – 877 NM)
31 816 – 817 NM
(348 days)
Herros Erenze V, the Brave Erenze V was selected by the College to fight the civil war against the rebel Therians and their allies due to his prowess in strategy. He was quickly assassinated by a Balnala sympathizer in the Whitefur Guard. Usurper
32 817 – 819 NM
(2 years)
Herros Erenze VI, the Despicable Erenze VI succeeded to his father's throne without a shred of military experience, and quickly abdicated after several losses against the Therians. Eldest child and son of Erenze V
33 819 – 828 NM
(9 years)
Herros Alphios VII, the Honorable Alphios VII possessed a competent military mind, but his youth led him to ignore his other obligations, and he was dethroned by rivals in the College of Guardians and executed for supposed treason. Eldest child and son of Alphios VII
34 828 – 849 NM
(21 years)
Dadanos Perseos III, the Quiet Perseos III mastered the College of Guardians and secured his throne after removing the Herroi, and appointed skilled generals to lead the war effort. However, he failed to turn the tide against them, and the strain of the war led to an early death in 849. Usurper
35 849 – 854 NM
(5 years)
Dadanos Erenze VII, the Cursed Erenze VII slowly allowed his father's iron grip on the College of Guardians to disintegrate, falling prey to a number of personal scandals, mostly involving his numerous lovers and cruel sexual practices. Eldest child and son of Perseos III
36 854 – 863 NM
(9 years)
Azalygos Katios I, the Wise Katios marshaled several competing factions in the College of Guardians to accomplish a Second Azalygoi Restoration, seizing the throne back for his family. However, he suffered several major defeats at the hands of the Therians, and abdicated in disgrace. Usurper
37 863 – 864 NM
(249 days)
Azalygos Vispala I, the Blessed As the Therian Starfleet approached the Old City, Vispala staged a last-ditch defense with the remnants of the Imperial Starfleet. Her gambit failed and she abdicated and fled. Second child and eldest daughter of Katios I
38 864 – 864 NM
(16 days)
Azalygos Erenze VIII, the Young Erenze VIII stayed with his soldiers and organized the defense of the Old City. He was brutally tortured and murdered by Therian soldiers upon their capture of the Palace at Arkaia. Eldest child and son of Katios I, elder brother of Vispala I
39 864 – 877 NM
(13 years)
Balnala Le'rala III, the Ferocious Le'rala III finally ended the civil war and re-established the control of Clan Balnala over the whole Imperium. However, she distrusted the College of Guardians that had deposed her mother, and so she prevented the College from meeting at all during her reign. This outright subversion of Alvos' aristocratic democracy infuriated the public and made her greatly unpopular. Usurper, eldest child and daughter of Le'rala II
Imperial Restoration (877 NM – present)
40 877 – 907 NM
(30 years)
Kaeros Giralis I, the Great After the war, the Kaeroi emerged as by far the most powerful native clan, and Giralis was able to manipulate the Whitefur Guard into allowing an angry mob into the Palace at Arkaia. The mob brutally murdered Le'rala III, and a jubilant College of Guardians delivered the throne to Giralis. He stabilized the realm during his reign, issuing the Phalanx Decree that disallowed the College from invalidating his choice of successor. He also sponsored an expansion of the Imperial Starfleet, and the Kaerid private Starfleet. Usurper
41 907 – 907 NM
(152 days)
Kaeros Giralis II, the Meek Giralis II married a princess of Clan Dadanos in order to cement an alliance between the two families. However, the new Syyza suddenly descended into insanity, and Giralei abdicated the throne to care for his wife. Eldest child and son of Giralei I
42 907 – 908 NM
(190 days)
Kaeros Nykala I, the Loud Nykala I attempted to arrange several marriages for herself, but each failed due to her uncouth mannerisms. She abdicated for her younger sister, who possessed a healthy heir. Second child and eldest daughter of Giralei I, younger sister of Giralei II
43 908 – 915 NM
(7 years)
Kaeros Delphira I, the Wise Delphira I codified several new laws to stabilize the realm, and enforced harsh military restrictions on Clan Balnala. However, the sudden death of her young son plunged her into despair, and she abdicated the throne after seven promising years. Third child and second daughter of Giralei I, younger sister of Nykala I
44 915 NM – present
(2+ years)
Kaeros Erenze IX, the Honorable Erenze IX proved himself to be as capable as Delphira, and possessed several children, making him the ideal candidate for the throne. However, the multiple failures and misfortunes of his elder siblings had weakened the Kaeroi in the College of Guardians, and he struggles to regain their approval. He has also sponsored a diplomatic outreach effort towards Argentil. Fourth child and second son of Giralei I, younger brother of Delphira I