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This page is dedicated to providing a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Ordic Encyclopedia, as well as contact methods in the event that you have a question.

Contact an Administrator[edit]

If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQs below, please leave a new message on the talk page of either User talk:Meriad or User talk:Rekiin or contact @Mer or @Szkin in the Ordic regional Discord server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)[edit]

How should my national page be organized?[edit]

When creating a national wiki page, it is recommended that you follow the following basic outline.

  • Introduction: This is where you briefly tell the world about the country. This section should be the home to the broad overview information that people want to see if they just want to know what form of government your country has. There is, however, one massive misconceptions about this particular section, and I'd like to dispel that right now. This section is not for history. It is ideally an overview, plain and simple, not a textbook on national heritage. All historical information, unless it is exceptionally relevant to understanding a nation, should go in the "History" section. That's what it's there for. If you would like to have some historical information, that's fine, but do try to limit it to a paragraph, or two at the very most.
    • With that out of the way, I'll give a quick outline of content in your first paragraph. The first paragraph is primarily about territory. Immediately after the name of the country, state the form of government and then move on. You will come back to government later. Give a brief (short paragraph) summary of the current land holdings of the country, including any territories, dependencies, land claims, etc. Just remember to keep a neutral point of view, and don't go all China on us by claiming "islands" that clearly aren't yours. Any nations that border your country should also be named in this initial paragraph. You should also state the land area of the country and its current population.
    • Next should be that history, if you really want to have it. Again, no more than a paragraph, or two if it is especially relevant.
    • Okay, NOW you can talk about your government. Name important figures, such as reigning monarchs, incumbent presidents, and all that jazz here.
    • Next, you should talk about important global facts regarding your nation. If your nation has the highest GDP(PPP) in the world, list that here. Also list memberships in international organizations, such as the NOT:European Union and the NOT:United Nations.

That's it. Yes, that's all that should be in your opening section. All other information really should be in either its own section of the page, or its own article. The first paragraph should at all times be clean, concise, and helpful. If it's clutter, it should be gone.

Other important sections to include in a national page are listed below. These are by no means required, as they are meant to be suggestions, so please tailor them to fit your particular page.

  • Etymology
    • If your country's name needs explaining, this is the place to do that.
  • History.
    • Lots of subheadings on this one, ranging from prehistory to modern-day.
  • Geography
    • Climate
    • Environment
    • Biodiversity
  • Politics and Government
    • Military
    • Foreign Relations
  • Economy
  • Demographics
  • Culture

Do keep in mind that, if any of your subheadings get to be ridiculously long, it is probably best to break them out into their own sections, especially if they are only tangentially related to the main section.