Overseas territories of Meriad

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Overseas territories of Meriad
Location of Meriad and its overseas territories
Location of Meriad and its overseas territories
Largest settlements Stormhaven, Minato, Duvnafjördur
Languages Meriadni, Spanish, Yeongseonmal
Demonym Meriadni
 -  Monarch Crica
 -  2040 estimate 3826915

The two Overseas territories of Meriad are territories under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Meriad. Under the Meriadni constitution, these overseas territories cede control of their foreign policy and military policy to the Meriadni government, but otherwise retain their ability to govern themselves. There are nine overseas territories, five of which are controlled directly by the Meriadni government, and four of which are governed jointly with other states.

Saint Claire Island is the most sparsely populated of the Meriadni overseas territories, and is located in the Tartaric Ocean to the northeast of mainland Meriad. Dolchinseln has the largest populated city outside of contiguous Meriad, and is located off the coast of Zossia in the North Sea.

{name} and {other names} are former Overseas Trade Cities, which were purchased or leased from local powers between 1424 and 1640 by merchants from Skallia and Nordkysten, and which were later inherited by Meriad after its unification in 1520

Meriad instituted a sovereignty referendum in all nine of its overseas territories in 1981 to determine their future, and all nine states elected to remain associated with Meriad in some way, with six maintaining their status relative to Meriad, and three electing to give some control over security to the states from which they had been created.