Royal Armoured Corps

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Royal Armoured Corps
Ōritsu Sōkō-tai
Imperial Armoured Corps.png
Active Royal Motor Cavalry Regiment: 1911 - 1914
Royal Tank Regiment: 1916 - present
Royal Armoured Corps: 1919 - present

1919 to present

Country  Chisei
Branch Chiseian Royal Army
Type Army Armoured Corps
Role Armoured
Motto Live strong!
Tsuyoku ikiyo!

The Royal Armoured Corps is an administrative unit of the Chiseian Royal Army, responsible for providing it's armoured capability, with vehicles such as the SSH-10 Main Battle Tank. It was founded in 1911 as the Royal Motor Cavalry Regiment, before the unit was split into the Royal Motor Cavalry and the Royal Tank Regiment in 1914. The latter then became the Royal Armoured Corps in 1919, when all existing armoured and motor cavalry regiments were placed under it's command.