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The Most Catholic Highkingdom of the Suavian Realm
The Most Broadchurch Hichrichdom of the Suavian Realm
Motto: "Metus Dei, vereor nihili"
"Fear God, Dread nought"
Largest Susutin
Official languages Anglish
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Folkbloot Imperial Executive Monarchy
 -  Highking Edric-Athelwulf XIII Swartnaeder
 -  Great Warden Ordwulf Drake
Legislature Houses of Parliament
 -  Upper house Grand Council

Suavia, as is one the few extremely illiberal states, being a Quasi-Federal Empire which has historically served as one of the more fractured regions of the continent, being geographically open to invasion and raiding from the south. Within it, however, there are distinct tribal groups which still possess a great influence within society, and while conflict between the traditional rural aristocracy and National Populist Folkblootists continues.