The Great Sagru

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The Great Sagru
The Battle of Meron II
Date ~ 10,000 years ago
Location Kesyk Arm of the Galaxy, Galactic
  • Defeat of Manra Tal the Elder
  • Fragmentation of the Rathari Empire
Kalu Dreva's Powerbase Manra Tal's Powerbase Imperial Remnant
Commanders and leaders
* Kalu Dreva
  • Vothmu Xhod
  • Had'qesh
* Manra Tal
  • Jas Stel
  • Syn Ris
* Admiral Thef Kiar
  • Imperial War Trust

The Great Sagru, alternatively known as the Great Cataclysm, Great Betrayal, or the Greatest Game, was a prolonged Sagru (a ritualistic duel between two members of the Rathari aristocracy, which pitted ones powerbase against another) between the Rathari Warlords Manra Tal the Elder and Kalu Dreva the Younger. The Great Sagru lasted several decades and was considered to be the deathblow of the First Rathari Empire some 10,000 years ago. It is one of the most heavily recounted events from this time period as well as the most infamous instance of a Sagru. Nominally, Kalu Dreva was considered to be the victor of the Sagru but his untimely demise a month after the end of the ritual caused his powerbase to fracture alongside the greater Rathari Empire.

The conflict initially began over a contention over how the Eternal Council had decided to distribute territory acquired during the Rathari-Cetri conflict. Kalu Dreva formally protested the granting of the Filar system to Manra Tal, presenting his case to the Council through the proper channels. Tal was incensed by this action, later receiving falsified intel that Dreva was seeking allies on the Council to usurp his powerbase. The Council attempted to mediate the dispute between the two aristocrats as the Empire was already struggling to maintain order following the conclusion of the Cetri Conflict. The Council's mediation was poorly received by Tal, leading to him declaration a 'Galactic' Sagru.

The first months of the Sagru were initially quiet, many believing that the two had resolved their issues behind closed doors. However, this was not the case as Tal launched an assault on Dreva's hold on Meron II. What was thought to be a quick, surprise assault turned into a three year long costly stalemate on the planet's surface. Subsequent conflicts emerged throughout the Empire as allies of either lord were considered to be fair game in the conflict. The duel soon spiraled into an all out civil war, with the few neutral parties forming a Reconciliation Council in an attempt to mitigate the damage caused by the Sagru.

The Conflict

Battle of Meron II

Strike on The Vault

Battle for the Core

Purge of the Council