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Time zones in Ordis are relative from Ordic Common Time, centered around Fjellsrud, Meriad, the location of the 1913 Meridian Conference, in which the global system was created and accepted. Time zones are generally offset from Ordic Common Time by whole hours, except in cases such as Quraim Isand Time (OCT -9:30). While the OCT system is generally accepted as the global timekeeping standard, several countries, such as Khornera and Nerotysia, do not use the system on an internal or international level.


Time Zones[edit]

<imgur w="800px" comment="Time zones map as of 6/17/17">YhLnD06.png</imgur>

Abbr. Name OCT offset Notes
OCT Ordic Common Time OCT
CET Central Escari Time OCT +1:00 National timezone in Kolintha, Violta, and Kiyo.
EET Eastern Escari Time OCT +2:00 National timezone of Transoxthraxia and recognized timezone of Khorneran Elayris.
EIT Escari Island Time OCT +3:00
ETT Eastern Thalassic Time OCT +4:00
MTT Middle Thalassic Time OCT +5:00
NST Noversia Standard Time OCT +6:00 National timezone of Bunnoropolis.
VST Versian Standard Time OCT +7:00 Internationally recognized timezone of the Versian Isles.
TIT Thalassic Island Time OCT +8:00
FST Faldarun Standard Time OCT +9:00 National timezone of Faldarun.
WVT Western Valeya Time OCT +10:00
CVT Central Valeya Time OCT +11:00
EVT Eastern Valeya Time OCT +12:00
WKT Western Khorneran Time OCT -12:00
CKT Central Khorneran Time OCT -11:00
MST Meteci Standard Time OCT -10:00 National timezone of the Meteci Unitary State.
WOT West Ordan Time OCT -9:00 National timezone of New Spanishland and Capogna.
QIT Quraim Island Time OCT -8:30 Timezone of Quraim.
MOT Middle Ordan Time OCT -8:00 National timezone of the Akkagian Empire.
SST Sierran Standard Time OCT -7:00 Official timezone of southern Gran Altiplano.
VST Verrazano Standard Time OCT -6:00 National timezone of much of Gran Altiplano.
EOT East Ordan Time OCT -5:00
PCT Peninsular Common Time OCT -4:00 Internationally recognized timezone of Nerotysia - see Ordic Revolutionary Calendar.
WOT Western Ordan Time OCT -3:00
COT Central Osovan Time OCT -2:00
WET Western Escari Time OCT -1:00


While the Ordic Common Time system is generally recognized as the global standard for timekeeping, several countries use entirely different systems for determining time.


Khorneran time, while based on the same general time intervals as the Ordic Common Time system, divides the year into different subdivisions, as well as having all times relative to the capital city of Arcadis. This means that, while the geographic time zone boundaries of the two systems are identical, the relative time offsets are not. For instance, in the north of mainland Khornera, the time would simultaneously be Arcadis +1 and OCT -12. In addition, the Khorneran 'Arcadis Standardised Time' model uses a different international dateline, which has at times caused problems in international correspondence between Khornera and countries using the OCT.


In the early 1900s, several communist and socialist countries throughout Ordis, led by Nerotysia, systematically rejected the Gregorian calendar and adopted a different calendar system, called the Ordic Revolutionary Calendar. This calendar is based off of a ten-hour, one hundred-minute day, which is totally incompatible with Ordic Common Time zones. This consequently means that the base unit of time measurement, the second, is totally different in Nerotysia and other Ordic Revolutionary Calendar-using countries than elsewhere in the world.