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Emblem of the Tosatsuin
Agency overview
Preceding agency
Jurisdiction Chisei
HeadquartersCelestial City, Eito
Agency executive

The Tosatsuin (Shirakawan Yashiman: 都察院, lit: 'Capital Investigative Commission'), one of the five branches of the Government of Chisei, is an investigatory agency that monitors other branches of government for signs of corruption or under-performance. It is headed by the Lord-Comptroller of the Tosatsuin, a position currently filled by Sakamoto Shiori.


Powers and responsibilities

  • Impeachment
  • Censure
  • Audit
  • Investigation of officials
  • Receipt of petition complaints concerning officials
  • Supervision of Kōshīn exams for prospective government workers
  • Implementation of freedom of information legislation for financial transactions and gifts involving politicians.
  • Suggestion of corrective measures to correct issues of neglect or malfunction in other branches.
  • Human rights protection


The structure of the Tosatsuin consists of the Lord-Comptroller, Deputy Comptroller, a 41-member council, the Ministry of Audit and the Board of Palace Equerries.

The Lord-Comptroller and the permanent members of the Central Council are officially nominated by the Crown, although in practice the decision is entirely made by the Chancellor of Chisei. The list of nominations must then be approved by the Heavenly Assembly. There is no legally defined term for any position within the Tosatsuin, though it is customary for members to resign after around 8 to 16 years in office. Members may be removed by a vote of the Council's Disciplinary Committee, or by a vote in the Heavenly Assembly.

According to Article 98 of the Third Grand Law, all members of the Tosatsuin, including it's councilors, are forbidden from holding another public office or profession while serving in the branch and must be able to perform free of partisan control or influence. They must also fully disclose their financial records to the Central Council's Committee for Internal Affairs.


The Central Council of the Tosatsuin, chaired by the Lord-Comptroller, is divided into a number of committees to fulfill the Tosatsuin's various purposes. Each of the Council's 41 permanent members can vote in no more than three committees, though they may join others as non-voting members. On average a committee will have 10 - 18 councilors.

Standing committees

The eight standing committees of the Central Council cover the following:

  • Domestic federal affairs
  • Domestic local affairs
  • Foreign affairs
  • National defense and intelligence affairs
  • Finance and economic affairs
  • Education and cultural affairs
  • Transportation, communications and procurement affairs
  • Judicial affairs and prison administration

Special committees

In addition, there are a number of special committees:

  • Committee on Social Justice
  • Consultative Committee
  • Tosatsuin Internal Disciplinary Committee
  • Committee on Anti-Corruption
  • Committee on Human Rights Protection

Administrative Appeals committee

The Administrative Appeals committee, chaired ex officio by the Vice Comptroller of the Tosatsuin, is a 14 member committee dedicated to the handling of administrative appeal cases against decisions made by the Tosatsuin or it's subsidiary Ministry of Audit. According to the Third Grand Law, at least half of these members must be appointed by the Lord-Comptroller from "society's impartial public figures, scholars and experts", while the remainder must be appointed from Council members not already serving on the Committee for Anti-Corruption.

Organizational affairs committee

The Organizational affairs committee is divided into a Subcommittee on Budgetary Planning & Administrative Affairs, responsible for the planning and drawing up of the Tosatuin's annual budget, and a Subcommittee on International Affairs, responsible for collaboration and communication with the audit and ombudsman institutions of other governments.

Ministry of Audit

Board of Palace Equerries

The Board of Palace Equerries is a branch of the Tosatsuin responsible for matters regarding the conduct of the Monarchy of Chisei and it's institutions, including the Grand King and his consorts, the Crown Princess of Chisei, minor royalty and the Ministry of the Royal Household. Members of the board are responsible for advising their charges on conduct, and reporting back to the Tosatsuin on their financial and political activities.