Type-57 Tanimoto-class cargo walker

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Type-57 Tanimoto-class
Type Armoured cargo transport
Place of origin New Greater Empire
Service history
In service 257 - Present
Used by New Greater Empire
Production history
Designer Imperial Military Design Bureau
Designed 254 - 257
Manufacturer Mitsuhishi
Produced 257 - Present
Length 34.90 m
Height 31.85 m
Crew 3 (Driver, Commander/Gunner, Loadmaster)

Armour Composite carbon nanotube-reinforced nanocrystal titanium plating with anti-laser polymer coating
2 × 45 mm automatic cannon
Pintle/Door-mounted 12.7 mm machine gun
Engine Mitsuhishi Class-15 Ground-Type Fusion Reactor
Payload capacity 1 × standard 550 m³ cargo container
500 km
Speed 50 km/h (flat ground)

The Type-57 Tanimoto-class cargo walker is an Imperial third-generation heavy logistics walker. Its official designation is the Type-57 All-Terrain Quadrupedal Logistics Platform, and it is manufactured by Mitsuhishi. In military use, the Tanimoto-class is named after the Imperial general Tanimoto Akira.

Developed from the earlier Type-45 Hatoyama-class walker, the Tanimoto-class uses the same general layout and many shared parts with its smaller counterpart. Instead of an enclosed cargo and personnel compartment, the Tanimoto-class has an open mount for the standard Imperial Large-Type Cargo Containers (Proclamation 233 Standard), which are held in place by electromagnetic fields. Like its predecessor, the Tanimoto-class was developed for civilian use but has also been heavily adopted by the Imperial Military as an all-terrain logistics vehicle. The Tanimoto-class has also been exported. Military and frontier-use variants of the Tanimoto-class are typically equipped with light weaponry to fend off attackers, though they are not intended for direct combat applications.


The Tanimoto-class was developed from the earlier Type-45 Hatoyama-class. The success of the Hatoyama-class' stable, all-terrain capable quadruped design and cavernous cargo or personnel hold proved that large-scale walkers were useful in logistics applications, particularly on the frontier colonies or in remote construction zones, where other vehicles may face difficulties ferrying large amounts of cargo to the sites. The Tanimoto-class was initially designed with mining operations in mind, built around the capability to carry the ubiquitous Imperial Large-Type Cargo Containers (Proclamation 233 Standard), which has a capacity of 550 m³.


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