Viceroy's Pass

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Viceroy's Pass
LocationSoutheastern Osova; between Rhodanthian and Tshaka
Primary inflowsOmkhulu River
Basin countriesRhodanthian

The Viceroy's Pass (Rhodantine: ulwandle kashukela, "The Sea of Sugar"; Zusian: vizekönigkanal, "The Viceroy's Canal"), is the body of water that separates Rhodanthian from Tshaka, and connects Orda to Southern Osova by sea. It is a major shipping area for agricultural products and machinery.


Until the 18th century, the Viceroy's Pass had no fixed name either in Rhodantine or Tshakan. It was never defined as a political border, and the names were more or less descriptive. Before the establishment of modern nations, it was referred to as "The Sugar Sea" (ulwandle kashukela), or "The Sea of Lizards" (ulwandle izibankwa), in reference to the Rhodantine Tribe which inhabited its islands. However, upon the formation of the Zusean colony of Ostotzova in 1864, it was christened the vizekönigkanal, in honor of Sascha Lafrentz, the first Viceroy of the territory.



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