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Federated Kingdom of Vytachia
Federované království Vytacá
Motto: "Salus Regis, Nostra Lex"
"The welfare of His Majesty is [the] law"
CapitalSaint Ladislav
Largest Sužice
Official languages Vytachian
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  King Fredrich Charles II
 -  Prime Minister Konrád Filipek
Legislature National Assembly
 -  Upper house Senate of Peers
 -  Lower house Chamber of Deputies
 -  Pragmatic Sanction TBA 
 -  Federated Constitution September 2nd 1999 
 -  2015 census 45,093,345
GDP (nominal) 2017 estimate
 -  Total $241,172,286,130
 -  Per capita $5,348

The Federated Kingdom has only recently come out of the shadow of authoritarian rule of the previous centuries. A multi-ethnic society, Vytachians are mainly united by the state-sponsored values of pan-Slavism and the common Catholic identity. This has resulted in the creation of a socially conservative people but one which also values their liberty and personal freedom. The history of Vytachia is littered with popular uprisings against often tyrannical rulers and this has resulted in a fiercely independent-minded population.

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