West Jiquan

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Republic of Jiquan
Flag of the Republic of Jiquan Emblem of the Republic of Jiquan
Flag Emblem
Map of West Jiquan in northern Escar
Location of West Jiquan (Dark Green) in Escar (Dark Grey), with East Jiquan (Light Green).
Official languages Zhoggchu
Recognised national languages Zhoggchu, Chahar
Ethnic groups (2017) Zhoggchu
Demonym Zhoggchu; Jiquanese
Government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
 -  Prime Minister XXX
Legislature National Assembly
 -  Jiquanese Kingdom 1805 
 -  Republic of Jiquan 1947 
 -  331,225 km2
127,887 sq mi
 -  2017 census 26,950,000
GDP (nominal) 2017 estimate
 -  Total $210.210 billion
 -  Per capita $9,900
Date format dd-mm-yyyy AD
Drives on the left

The Republic of Jiquan, commonly known as West Jiquan, is a partially recognized state in northern Escar. It borders Shirakawa, East Jiquan to the south-east and the Gateway Sea to the north. West Jiquan has an estimated population of 26,950,000.